Here Is What We Got Out of Femmepire Summit

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On October 11, VYNE had the pleasure of sending three of our fabulous VYNE family to attend the first Femmepire Summit in Auckland. It was a full-on day, running from 9.00am till 5.30pm, with plenty of opportunities to speak to other women about growing businesses and hear inspiring stories.

Here is what VYNE got out of the event for those who did not attend this year’s Femmepire Summit.

Leading with Purpose

The work culture you should aim to have is a ‘Learn It All’ culture. Be inquisitive. Continue to ask yourself, what is the next thing? What will the future be like? If you don’t ask these questions you won’t be relevant in the next 6 months, so a culture or company has to have that desire to keep on learning.

Take some time off from your busy schedule, book a couple of hours a week to specifically learn the tools, software updates and industry news. Sarah Bowden, one of the speakers at the event and the Business Lead for Microsoft New Zealand, has a busy schedule but she always makes time in the week to learn. She takes it upon herself to book out 2-3 hours in her week to learn about new tools and products.

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Launching a Business

If you’re launching a business, it is key to have a product before you even start. Sure, internal processes are important, but if you don’t have a product to sell that’s niche and/or solves a problem, then you’re not off to a good start.

Taking care of your employees is also key to a business. Empower your employees, make them feel valued and listen to them because it will help you in the long run. And don’t be afraid to ask the market what they want. Ask all the questions you need, collect the data, and in turn, this will provide you with a world of insight into your business.

Blending Social Media & Business

The key takeaway for this panel was authenticity. Being authentic in your messages, your posts, and ads. For a digital company in a saturated market, it's important to be making ads that are authentic and relevant to the business, as well as to the person who is reading it.

Always provide value to your audience, no matter how small it is. By giving value to your audience it builds trust, loyalty, and a sense of a relationship between you and your audience. If you can build these things and if you ever need something from your audience, they are then more likely to give back.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding was one of our favourite panels. Hosted by Rochelle Sheldon, we took a lot out of this discussion that we will be able to use in our current roles, any future business or even for branding.

Embrace your unique brilliance. Don’t doubt your achievements and what you can do - showcase your unique brilliance. This is important to VYNE because it sets us apart from any agency, company, or business out there. When we showcase our unique brilliance we’re able to target the specific audience that will understand us and partner with us. As much as we want to target anyone and everyone under the sun, ‘everyone’ is not a target and we need to be specific with who we want to work with.

three leading women at Femmepire Summit

As VYNE’s team of young women, it was an amazing experience to hear these women speak out on overcoming obstacles and their inspiring journeys to success. Each of us come from different background and are specialists in our own ways. Joyce is the Chief Finance for VYNE and brings intuition and passion to the company. Hannah is the PPC specialist for VYNE, hardworking and full of insights. And Janine is the SEO specialist, caring and inquisitive.

VYNE is all about growing a business and its people. We care about our staff and in turn, bring in quality and credible results. We took so much knowledge and confidence from this year’s Femmepire Summit and can’t wait for the next one.

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