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Our client was an online marketing agency that focused on social media growth. This company utilised proprietary IP that increased the following and engagement on social media platforms for their clients in a targeted and genuine way.

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Executive Summary

Our client came to VYNE Digital with a broken AdWords account. VYNE increased their revenue by 2500% and assisted them to become a leading brand in the Social Media expansion space.


Global Expansion: The opportunity was a global one but taking it to the market to maximise eyeballs was something that our client had not been able to achieve on their own.

How VYNE Digital Helped

There are a few main strategies we put in place. The basic thinking was to develop a strategy to open the front door and close the back door. In other words, to increase sales and to retain clients for a longer period (recurring model):

  1. We implemented an AdWords structure that could be leveraged into other languages and countries. The client had their website translated into 16 languages and they had AdWords campaigns running in over 20 countries.
  2. Programmatic Marketing was used for Remarketing and Display. This allowed us to reach a broader audience, to gain brand awareness and to increase conversions.
  3. We implemented Retention Funnels to feed valuable content to our client's customers to encourage them to stay longer.
  4. Non-converters Funnels, a series of personal emails encouraged the user to test the service and to eventually make a purchase, were also implemented.
  5. We also implemented the content strategy, a secondary conversion with a value exchange of the “Ultimate Social Media Growth Guide” to an email address that we could nurture through to sale.

Results & Return On Investment

The results were astronomical.

Daily Sessions increased by 845%.

Daily Sales increased by 706% (from 30-40 daily purchases to 230-250 daily purchases).

A 3-to-1 ROI was kept through the entire growth period.

“Our partnership with VYNE was crucial to the growth and success of our business. Our lives have truly been changed forever.”

If you want your business to reach your clients in a genuine way and increase sales, then contact us today and talk to one of our VYNE specialists.